Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Protect your lips in summer

Most of us have gone blissfully unaware of some of the damaging products we used on our lips during summer. A life changing discovery had turned my entire lip care upside down, and its no wonder that our lips feels parched, peel and sometimes sore. As humans we are creatures of habits, and unknowingly the majority of us carry the same routine for our lips from winter right through to summer. "If you are like many of my friends and every second girl I happen to see feeling their lips then commence a concentrated dig through their purse to whip out the undisputed pawpaw ointment remedy".  STOP! 

Ask yourself this, why have we stopped putting oil on our skin when sun baking? Well that is exactly what you're doing with your lips when you put pawpaw ointment on it during summer, it helps the sun damage your lips 10x faster.

Lipsticks and lip glosses are not far behind from this as they too are oil-based, there's no wonder why some brands offer lipsticks with added SPF. Cut the habit! Instead, use lip balm high in SPF, for example Blistex Lip Conditioner offers SPF20. Now if you're wondering why it offers a higher SPF than the average foundation just remember that your lips unlike your skin does not have sweat glands, hence your body cannot nourish your lips with your body's own natural oils. Lip balm is like moisturiser to your lips. So its important keep it hydrated to maintain its youthfulness just like your skin.

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Shiseido: New Foundation Brush

New Foundation Brush

(actual size)

Inspired by the Japanese traditional MAIKO make-up brush used by Geishas, this foundation brush is one of its kind. It can be used with liquid or powder foundations, however a quick clean needs to happen during the transition between the two. Its short length (shorter than the length of most pens) makes it purse friendly and gives you great control during application (not having to worry about the end of the brush tapping on your mirror when getting up close). The texture feels similar to a small kabuki brush, very soft and not harsh on your skin.

The hairs of the brush is trimmed with a slight angle, this allows for easy spreading motions. The angle compliments the shape of your face which will prevent you from lifting your arm up too high to apply. The  firm design encourages slight pressing motions when first applying your liquid foundation, 

I recommend - 
1. A firm press on the forehead, each cheek, and chin to place the foundation on your skin

2. Followed by a twisting motion with your brush to gradually spread the product,

3. Finally paint the foundation outward from the centre of your face for a flawless application. 

The brush however is quite hard to clean if you're looking at getting it spotless. I have to soak it in some liquid brush cleaner first, then get the access off by painting on a tissue a few times.

Bobbi Brown: Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15

Due to Bobbi's own personal battle with dry skin, it was only natural that her entire range was formulated around the idea of producing the best ingredients that will give dry skin that tall glass of water. Case in point. My skin type. The majority of the foundation within the range will end up leaving you with a fully hydrated and translucent finish. So for those matte lovers and oily skin types out there, you may want to rain check this range completely.

The Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15 has a very spreadable and lightweight texture and seemingly melts into the skin upon application. However its spreadable consistency will NOT give you a full coverage straight away, its layering ability is ideal for those who, like myself, consider the ritual of make-up application a therapeutic part of the day, and a nightmare chore for those who are after quick, hassle-free application and instant full coverage.

Without a powder to set, the finish will stay dewy throughout the day; powder will lessen the shine. This foundation's kryptonite however is flash photography. Unlike some foundations, the SPF found in this liquid formula will protect you from the harmful rays of both UVA and UVB, which will end up reflect more light of the skin, hence making your face seem a shade lighter than it is on film. The solution? Turn the flash off or set the foundation with a powder that is a shade darker, this should bring back the colour balance. 

Application tool: Foundation Brush

Finish: Dewy

Coverage: Medium (Build-able)

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